Ham Radio at DONE Congress, June 17, 2006
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Ham Radio Presented Before 1,200 Neighborhood Activists

Disaster preparedness was the theme of the 2006, bi-annual City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) Congress. Over 1,200 neighborhood activists from LA's 88 neighborhood councils converged on the LA Convention Center on Saturday, June 17 to learn more about disaster preparedness.  Mayor Antonio Villaragosia gave the openning address.  One of his priorities is emergency preparedness. 

Longtime neighborhood activist, Dr. Cliff Cheng, KI6CM, who is a former LA City Commissioner, and a member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), Los Angeles Section, arranged for ARES to have a booth, http://nerp.myeweb.net/.  Ed Hinz, KN6JN, ARES' District Emergency Coordinator in Northwest LA County organized the event. Joe Provenza, W6UPN, Long Beach District Emergency Coordinator, and John Rogers, KF6TTR, drove the Long Beach ARES communications van to the Convention Center, http://www.geocities.com/aralb.geo/lbares.html.

Los Angeles City Councilperson Janice Hahn, Council District 15, http://www.lacity.org/council/cd15/, who represents the communities in the LA Harbor area and Watts, visited the van (see photo below). Prior to her election as Councilperson, she served as a Charter Reform Commissioner, the commission which rewrote the LA City charter to establish neighborhood councils.  Neighborhood Councils get $50,000 a year in general neighborhood improvement funds, and another $100,000 a year in street and sidewalk repair funds.  Neighborhood Councils also are the first stop in the approval process for new developments. As Councilperson Hahn, she was Chair of the Education and Neighborhoods Committee.  She is daughter of the longtime LA County Supervisor Kenny Hahn, and sister to former LA Mayor Jim Hahn. 

Lisa Sarno, Interim General Manager of the LA City Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) also visited the van http://www.lacityneighborhoods.com/page2.cfm?doc=home (see photo below).  The General Manager of the LA City Emergency Preparedness Department (EPD), Ellis Stanley, Jr., CEM visited the van, http://www.lacity.org/epd/, (see photo below).  Dennis Smith, KA6GSE, Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), Cliff and Ellis had a very productive lunch meeting in the van.  ARES has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with LA City, except the LA (City) Fire Department (LAFD), to provide emergency communications.     

Despite being upstage, the ARES team reached out to several hundreds who stopped by. Since the van was the largest vehicle in the convention, it was assigned a spot next to the door. However, the Los Angeles Police Department's (LAPD) SWAT's (Special Weapons and Tactics) assault vehicle pulled in and the ARES table was moved to the back wall.  The ARES van was sandwiched between the SWAT armored car and a high-tech LAPD cruiser.  Since the ARES van was a converted old Long Beach Police Department's Command Post, it is still painted black and white.  Many attendees thought the ARES van was a LAPD vehicle. 

The emergency preparedness theme made ARES' work in promoting amateur radio easy.  While there were dozens neighborhood activists at the convention who have graduated from the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, this event was the first in-depth exposure to the topic to most neighborhood activists.   The fact that Ed, KN6JN, Marty, N6VI and Cliff, KI6CM are all CERT qualified, help them connect with the strong presence of CERT team members there.  The ARES team played hosts to several groups of children, including a group in the young Marine's scouting program.  Several inactive hams stopped by and were encouraged to become active again and were offered help in doing so.  Several dozens of people showed interest in obtaining a ham license. 

Both Cliff, KI6CM and Marty Woll, CPA, N6VI's longtime neighborhood activism helped ham radio connect to the attendees.  As a former LA City Human Relations Commissioner, Cliff's commission facilated the boundary setting process when the neighborhood council system rolled out, and afterwards helped resolve internal conflicts within neighborhood councils and election disputes.  Cliff went on to help found the Palms Neighborhood Council, and the LA Neighborhood Council Congress.  Marty Woll, CPA, N6VI, founded the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council and was its first President.  Marty still sits on the Board.  

Please visit http://www.ares.org 


Exhibitor's ID Badge

Los Angeles City Councilperson Janice Hahn

Joe Provenza, W6UPN, District Emergency Coordinator, Long Beach; Cliff Cheng, Ph.D., KI6CM, Chair, Neighborhood Emergency Radio Project, nerp.myeweb.net, and ARES member; Councilperson Janice Hahn; John Rogers, KF6TTR, ARES member.

Ellis Stanley, Jr., CEM, General Manager, Los Angeles (City) Department of Emergency Preparedness (EPD)
Ellis Stanley, and Cliff Cheng, Ph.D., KI6CM, Chair, Neighborhood Emergency Radio Project, nerp.myeweb.net.  

Lisa Sarno, Interim General Manager, Los Angeles (City) Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE)
Dennis Smith, KA6GSE, Section Emergency Coordinator; Cliff Cheng, Ph.D., KI6CM, Chair, Neighborhood Emergency Radio Project, nerp.myeweb.net, and ARES member; Lisa Sarno; Joe Provenza, W6UPN, District Emergency Coordinator, Long Beach. 

Please visit:  http://nerp.myeweb.net