2007, Ham Radio @ SAR City.
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2007, Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Track at the 35th SAR City, Regional Search and Rescue School

Fifteen new Technician class hams were licensed at the 35th annual SAR City, http://www.sarcity.org/.  SAR City is the regional search in rescue school in the southwest U.S., held yearly the second weekend in October at Barstow College in Barstow, California, in the high dessert half-way between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  The new hams from the Orange County Sheriff's Search and Rescue include Brian Schraff, KI6MDC, Dave Klein, KI6MDD, Ken Cheng, MD, KI6MDE, Michael Geoghegan, KI6MDR.   Jim Lyon from Bear Valley Search and Rescue earned KI6MDL.  Rhonda Beyke of San Diego Sheriff's Search and Rescue got assigned KI6MCZ.  Victor Valley Search and Rescues' Michael Rifenbark was given KI6MDF.  Additionally these new hams got their calls: Conall Mc Cabe, KI6MCY, Andrew Nourse, KI6MDA, Perry Meade, KI6MDB, Bruce Sanny, KI6MDG, Floyd Morgan, KI6MDH, Tammera Belmonte, KI6MDI, Sharron Barton, KI6MDK, Thomas Mc Naughton, KE7PHQ.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Track had not been offered at SAR City for about five years.  Cliff Cheng, Ph.D., WW6CC, Neighborhood Emergency Radio Project, http://www.nerp.myeweb.net/, was tasked with restarting ham radio at SAR City.   Cliff enlisted Norm Goodkin, K6YXH to run the licensing session.  On Oct. 13, 2007, Norm and his wife Naomi, WB6OWH ran a licensing session in Calabasas, CA and then drove 3.5hrs. to Barstow, CA to run the SAR City session.  Then Norm went back home where his family was waiting for him to celebrate his birthday.  The next morning Norm got up and a held a licensing session in Topanga, CA. 

Cliff invited the Barstow Amateur Radio Club, WA6TST, http://www.wa6tst.org/ (BARC) to participate, a SAR City first.  Cliff arranged for Jock Souter, KC6IIH, BARC's VP and ARRL Orange Section PIO, Jim Siefert, AD6WL and Norm Odette, K6OU to become VEs of the Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group (GLAARG) http://www.glaarg.org/

Joe Madas, AE6JM taught new and previously licensed hams how to support use ham radio to support a wildland firefighter team.  This was a very timely topic, for two weeks later Southern California was besieged with a week of 23 wildfires resulting in the evacuation of 560,000 people in San Diego County.  All total 7 people died (Los Angeles Times, Oct., 29, 2007:B5).  139 people injured; 26 civilians, 133 firefighters (Los Angeles Times, Oct., 29, 2007:B5).   518,489 acres burned (Los Angeles Times, Oct., 29, 2007:B5).   2,007 homes burned, plus another 2,774 structures burned (Los Angeles Times, Oct., 29, 2007:B5).   California Dept. of Insurance estimated there were $1B in damages (Los Angeles Times, Oct., 26, 2007:A26).   7,000 firefighters were on the fire line.  

Marty Woll, N6VI taught an emergency power workshop.  Cliff taught a new ham orientation, how to buy  HTs and mobile rigs, etiquette and operating procedures.  Dennis Smith, KA6GSE, ARES' SEC in LA Section, taught the class how to install mobile rigs by showing them his SUV which has 5 radios and 16 antennas. 



2007 SAR City Amateur Radio Technician Licensing Class.

Foreground Row: Jim Laage,

Middle Row: Orange County Sheriff's Search & Rescue.

Foreground Row: Barstow Dessert Rats Search and Rescue Squad, San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept.; Sharon Barton, KI6MDK.


Norm Goodkin, K6YXH Teaches the Class

Foreground Row: Barstow Dessert Rats Search and Rescue Squad, San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept.;

Middle Row: ;.

Background Row: ; Dave Klein, KI6MDD, Orange County Sheriff's Search & Rescue.


Norm Goodkin, K6YXH Teaching
Cliff Cheng, Ph.D., WW6CC Teaching

After Norm licensed them, Cliff gave them a new ham orientation training.  Here Cliff is teaching the class How to Buy a HT. 

Photos Courtesy of Jim Curio, KI6FGV
Marty Woll, N6VI's Demo
N6VI set up this solar-powered demonstration station outside the classrooms. South Pacific stations were easily heard with no more antenna than two wires lying on the ground.
More of Marty's Demo

N6VI's 96 Amp-hour deep-cycle battery, coupled with an 85-watt solar
panel and a charge controller, can keep this station going around the clock
and never run out of power.

VEs at Work

(Left to Right). Jim Siefert, AD6WL (out of frame); Marty Woll, N6VI; Jock Souter, KC6IIH; Cliff Cheng, Ph.D., WW6CC; Norm Goodkin, K6YXH.

Volunteer Examiner Marty Woll, N6VI Giving Rhonda Beyke, later KI6CMZ, of the San Diego Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team, Her Passage Certificate

Faculty, Volunteer Examiners and Staff
(Front) Joe Maddas, AE6JM; Cliff Cheng, Ph.D., WW6CC, Chair; Dennis Smith, KA6GSE; (turning away) Jim Siefert, AD6WL; Jock Souter, KC6IIH.

(Rear) Norm Odette, K6OU; Marty Woll, N6VI; Norm Goodkin, K6YXH; (covered) Naomi Goodkin, WB6OHW holding Pixel (search dog in training); Jim Curio, KI6FGV.