Resources: Training for EmComm Operators
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A License and a Radio are Not Enough to Become an Emergency Communications (EmComm) Operator

WB2LUA Amateur Radio Emergency Training Course A comprehensive self-study course.  Free.  
American Radio Relay League - EmComm Courses ARRL offers three levels of EmComm courses.  Fee charged; based on member or non-membership status.  
American Radio Relay League - Public Service Communications Manual Free download. 
American Radio Relay League - Recommended EmComm Publications Recommend books, forms, software.  

International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Free downloads of select chapters of ITU books.  Downloading the full book involves a charge. 

W0IPL's Basic EmComm Coordinator Training A self-study for those seeking to be coordinators of emergency communications.   
Communications Academy

Training for volunteer and professional emergency communicators in the northwest US.   

W0IPL's EmComm Jargon Glossory Jargon can be confusing.  Not everyone in a sub-cutlure udnerstands its jargon.  WOILP helps people understand the jargon of the EmComm sub-culture.