2006, Ham Radio @ SoRo NC.
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Radio Amateurs Present Ham Radio Emergency Communications

Amateur radio was presented to the South Robertson neighborhood in Los Angeles, California at a disaster preparedness fair sponsored by the South Robertson Neighborhood Council (SoRo).  The fair was held at the Shenandoah Elementary School on September 19, 2006. 

SoRo asked Cliff Cheng, PhD, KI6CM, who was trained by the city of Los Angeles as a volunteer Neighborhood Preparedness Ambassador was asked by SoRo to help plan the event.  Five of SoRo Board members took a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class Cliff sponsored.  Cliff previously worked with SoRo as the adjacent neighborhood's - Palms Neighborhood Watch President.  Cliff, who founded an educational website to teach neighborhood councils about emergency communications, www.NERP.myEweb.net, is also a Amateur Radio Emergency Service member.  He enlisted the help of Ed Hinz, KN6JN, ARES - District Emergency Coordinator, who is on the Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Task Force.  Both Mark Siegel, W6MES, Sunland-Tijunga Neighborhood Council and Cliff helped found their respective councils. 

We set up battery powered stations.  Our HF station used the school fence as an antenna.  We also had several VHF and UHF stations, including packet.  We educated South Robertson neighbors about amateur radio and emergency communications.  We had visits from several children and teachers. 


(standing) Mark Siegel, W6MES, Pasadena Amateur Radio Club; Cliff Cheng, PhD, WW6CC, San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club; Ed Hinz, KN6JN, Amateur Radio Emergency Service, and Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Task Force. 

(sitting) John Crocker, AC6FB, South Bay Amateur Radio Club; Norm Goodkin, K6YXH, Amateur Radio Emergency Service, and Disaster Communications Service.